Lafayette Jefferson Practice

On September 10, we will travel to Lafayette Jefferson High School to open our competition season.  This is a very special opportunity for us in many ways, of course it's the premier of "E"Magination and we have all waited for this day, but, it also works as a great opportunity to see some great competition!  We will travel to Lafayette Jeff early Saturday morning and have the opportunity to rehearse in their stadium!  This does several things for us, it gets us a high press box to be in, plus give the kids a chance to work on turf for the first time.  With that being said, practicing at their stadium will bring a few problems that we will have to overcome:

1.  FOOD!  The members will need to bring a sack lunch with them and SEVERAL energy snacks to eat throughout the day.  We will eat lunch on the trip up and need our snacks for rehearsal and for before our performance.  Dinner can be handled 1 of 2 ways.  Members can either bring their own dinner (Which is preferred so that they can eat healthy) or go and buy concessions from the Lafayette boosters (which is a great show of gratitude for letting us use their facilities) either way food and snacks need to be accounted for.

2.  WATER!  They will need to bring all items that they need for a normal rehearsal, section bags, snacks, equipment and WATER JUGS!  Water is the key here and they will need to bring their jug with them for the days festivities an we will bring them with us every contest!

These two things are vital for us to have a great day...please start planning in advance to make the best of the day.