500 Parade Information

Parents...In the form page is the itinerary for next weeks Indy 500 parade.  It is titled "Momma Wells' Time Keeper for the Indy 500" it goes through the day from the beginning till the parade.  Please note, times may be altered after the parade due to our place in the parade and how long it takes us to get back to Beech Grove.  We will relax with the Hornets at their school after the parade and have pizza!  It will be $5.00 to cover the cost of the pizza and we will collect that money all next week and Saturday before the parade.  Members will be asked to eat breakfast before they come to school on Saturday and also to bring snacks to get them through the day. Banana's, Cliff Bars, Power Bars, fruit are always great sources of energy and wise choices to keep your kid fueled through the day!  Water jugs are asked but not required, though some source of water is, whether it be a bottle or canteen or any item they can keep on them till the parade starts.  I will communicate times and places all day through the Remind app. please take time and join the group!  Info on how to enroll will be posted shortly.  I will keep feeding information as the week goes on and having Mr. Koehler forward information through his email as well.