Fall Break Rehearsal Schedule

October 6th          3-6pm          HORNS ONLY  (Music)  No Guard or Percussion  EHS

October 9th          1-9pm           Percussion  

October 9th          3-9pm          FULL BAND REHEARSAL at EECC outside of Ellettsville

October 10th         See Karen's Time Keeper!  We will be at EECC outside of Ellettsville

Parents on the 9th and 10th we will be at the EECC just a mile out of town towards Spencer.   Please allow more time to get to and from the school.  On the 9th your student will need to pack food for dinner.  We will have a break in the middle of rehearsal for dinner and will do a run at 8:45!  There will also be a music only (Horns only) practice on Tuesday from 3-6 with Mr. Koehler.  Thank you and have a wonderful fall break!