State Finals Week!

Well, the week and the moment that we have been working towards since June has now come upon us.  SAVOR every moment!  The itinerary for Saturday is up...YES it is early, but, that is just the breaks of going on early this year.  With the Indianapolis Marathon being ran that day, we have to be very precise on time and be in the LOS lot a tad earlier than desired.  This does mean a 3:30AM call to school...YES THAT IS IN THE MORNING...we will have just enough time to warm up, and run the show, then load and leave...We will have tickets on sale at the school bookstore and after all practices.  They are $20.00 for adults and $18.00 for students, tickets are general admission and I would ask that we try to be as close to a group as possible, being the second band on I don't think we will have to big of a problem achieving this feat!  Please take time and go through the State Finals Packet that is enclosed forms page  and look at all the wonderful maps they have sent.  With the Marathon being ran there will be roads shut down throughout the morning.  Follow the Marathon route to see what roads you can travel on and when.  With that being said, I will be around all week to answer questions about the week.