Fall Festival and AVON!!

Well the day we have been waiting for is here!  Fall Festival!!  Anyway, the day will be a "TAD" busy, including breakfast for the kiddos by the boosters!  So with all the said, Momma Wells' Timekeeper and it has as much of a breakdown as I can put on an 8 1/2 by 11 page and placed in the form/itineraries page.  The day will start here at 6:30am with doors opening at 6:00am.  Then we will have breakfast served by the boosters at 10:15am and then transit to the parade at 11:40.  The parade will end down at the Park and we will load two buses and an activity bus there at around 12:40 and head back to the Edgewood Early Child Care school building outside of Ellettsville.  There we will be able to put our horns and equipment away on the semi trailer.  Also there would be a good idea to have lunch/snack and WATER!!!!  We will leave from the EECC and head to Avon from there.  Then it's band business as usual!  After we get done we will wait for awards and then play it by ear as to when to start loading.  I have been communicating with Cory Wynn, my other brother, and director of Beech Grove and we are going to take the kids out on the track to listen and cheer on our Black and Orange band family!  We will then load, and leave and be home early for a nice Saturday evening!  Please make sure your wonderful little blessing has water, and then water and the even more water for them on Saturday and start making them drink, water and the more water on Thursday and Friday to be hydrated for the weekend.  It will be warm!


Decatur Central!

Our first contest is this weekend!  Below you will find directions to Decatur and you will find all information in regards to the contest on the left side of the page under forms, Itineraries, etc.


And So It Begins!!!

May 30th will be our first marching band practice of the Point/CounterPoint season!!  We will start at 5pm in the high school band room and conclude at 9pm.  Each member should bring a 3ring binder/water jug/and comfortable clothing (Shoes, Shorts, Tee) as well as their horn (Unless they are low brass/mello/or percussion)  I hope everyone is excited to start!

Band Banquet!

Tonight, May 19th will be our annual band banquet!  It will start at 7pm with dinner.  Remember that 8th Graders and Freshman need to bring a "Main" dish, Sophomores Desserts, Juniors Sides, an Seniors need to bring drinks.  Afterwords, weather permitting we will travel to Roger and Jennifer's house for our bonfire!  

Annual Guard Clinic!

APRIL 14 | EHS GYM | $20 | 5 – 8 PM


Clinic is open to all students K-12. Students will learn a routine that involves both dance and flag skills with students in their age group. On the day of the clinic, wear comfortable shorts, shirt, and tennis shoes. Students will be provided with a snack during the clinic.

At 7:45 pm in the EHS Main Gym each age group will have the chance to perform what they had learned that day. Come and cheer on your student as they show off what they have worked on.

Tshirt availability may be limited at time of event. There will be a second order of tshirts and students will receive them at their school at a later time.


Any questions please contact:
Elaina Schneider – elaschne@indiana.edu


Winter Wrapping Up!

We all have been very busy!  And with that said things are starting to wrap up for the winter...

Last weekend the Jazz Bands went to Terre Haute South and both came home with straight gold performances!!!

Kalen Richmond, Ben Bledsoe, Spencer Bohlen, Chase Souder all received gold on their quartet at State Solo and Ensemble!

Michael Rusk, Stephanie Warthan both received golds on their solos and Kerrick Wolf and Josh Grimes both performed amazingly and received silver and bronze on their state solo performance.

onight at 6pm there will be a "Show and Tell" concert at EJHS and will showcase our winter performing groups along with the Junior high jazz band a 6th grade band!  Admission is Free but, donations will gladly be accepted!


This weekend both the Winter Guard and Winter Percussion will start wrapping up their seasons.  The winter Guard performs at Center Grove at 11:08am and is trying to make IHSCGA State Finals in Class A!  Let's go and support Elaina and our ladies at Center Grove!  Information can be found at www.ihscga.org

Jackie will be taking the percussion to Ben Davis as they too start to wrap up their winter season!  The winter percussion will perform at 1:54pm at Ben Davis High School on the west side of Indy!  Information on this performance can be found at www.indianapercussion.org

Let's go out and support our wonderful winter organizations!  Congrats and good luck to all that are involved!

State Solo and Ensemble

How awesome is it that we have such great young adults representing us this weekend at State Solo and Ensemble?

Michael Rusk, Stephanie Warthan, Josh Griimes, Kerrick Wolf , Chase Souder, Kalen Richmond, Benjamin Bledsoe and Spencer Bohlen

Will travel to North Central High School this Saturday to perform their solo and or ensemble to be judged in the ISSMA State Finals.  Proud can not come close to describing how I feel about these young peoples work and determination.  Our Soloist will be accompanied by Mrs. Janine Leaneagh and  Mrs. Beth Sewell and both of these woman have had an amazing hand in our young performers success!  Our "E" family is very lucky to have them and very lucky to have such hard working and talented young people to display their musical talent.  North Central  is on the North side of Indianapolis on 86th street.  I will be there throughout the day to watch our young musicians perform and hope you will be able to as well!  Below is the short list of where our musicians will play and at what time if you don't want to sift through the 72 pages of state entries...

Michael          9:02        L652

Josh              2:46        M675

Stephanie      2:13        J623

Kerrick          3:19        B530


ax Quarte 12:49     L65


Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble is this Saturday at Bloomington North High School.  In the forms section you will find a excel sheet with our individual times and room to warm up and perform and a PDF from Bloomington North with a school map and all details of Saturday's activities.  I would suggest getting to Bloomington North 45 minutes before listed performance time to give plenty of time to park, find their rooms and warm up.  If there are any questions or problems I will be there the full day and you can contact me via cell phone!  GOOD LUCK to all performers and "May the odds be in your favor!"

State Finals Week!

There is a LOT of information for this week starting with Thursday and going through Saturday.

Thursday is now the public preview if you have not caught wind of this yet.  Dana has offered to drive a bus again from EHS to take any members that need a ride to IU, the bus will leave at 4:15pm but will not bring members back this time, transportation home will need to be arranged...The preview will be at 8:40 and we will load after.  There will be time to take section or individual pictures after the performance.

Friday we will perform for the student body at EHS.  We will dress in our new uni's and take pictures at 2:45.  Seth Baugh will be here take group and section pictures.  I know this is not the most ideal time for parents to get pictures, but, there will be time Thursday after the public preview that individual pics can be taken.  We will practice Friday after pictures from 4-7 and at 7 will have pizza and trunk or treat put on by the Boosters!

Saturday will be a early morning and the whole day is layed out in the itinerary along with many other items that are in the ISSMA packet for the day.  Please go through this.  This should be a great day for us and a day we need to celebrate all the work the kids have put into this show!  There will be more information throughout the week about these upcoming events so please be on the lookout!


This weekend we will travel to Decatur Central to try and earn a spot in the ISSMA Class C State Finals.  We go on at 2:18 at Decatur and we will see 19 other amazing class "C" bands!  We will need to be in the top 10 to advance on to state!  Itinerary is in Momma Wells' Time Keeper and directions to Decatur are below.  Please not we will leave and return from the Edgewood Early Childhood Center this weekend instead of EHS due to the Hilly 500.


Ireland Information

Parents...on the left side of our web page you will see a tab that says Music Travel.  You can click on that tab and it will take you to Music Travel where you can sign up for the trip, pay, and get information on it.