State Finals Week!

There is a LOT of information for this week starting with Thursday and going through Saturday.

Thursday is now the public preview if you have not caught wind of this yet.  Dana has offered to drive a bus again from EHS to take any members that need a ride to IU, the bus will leave at 4:15pm but will not bring members back this time, transportation home will need to be arranged...The preview will be at 8:40 and we will load after.  There will be time to take section or individual pictures after the performance.

Friday we will perform for the student body at EHS.  We will dress in our new uni's and take pictures at 2:45.  Seth Baugh will be here take group and section pictures.  I know this is not the most ideal time for parents to get pictures, but, there will be time Thursday after the public preview that individual pics can be taken.  We will practice Friday after pictures from 4-7 and at 7 will have pizza and trunk or treat put on by the Boosters!

Saturday will be a early morning and the whole day is layed out in the itinerary along with many other items that are in the ISSMA packet for the day.  Please go through this.  This should be a great day for us and a day we need to celebrate all the work the kids have put into this show!  There will be more information throughout the week about these upcoming events so please be on the lookout!


This weekend we will travel to Decatur Central to try and earn a spot in the ISSMA Class C State Finals.  We go on at 2:18 at Decatur and we will see 19 other amazing class "C" bands!  We will need to be in the top 10 to advance on to state!  Itinerary is in Momma Wells' Time Keeper and directions to Decatur are below.  Please not we will leave and return from the Edgewood Early Childhood Center this weekend instead of EHS due to the Hilly 500.


Ireland Information

Parents...on the left side of our web page you will see a tab that says Music Travel.  You can click on that tab and it will take you to Music Travel where you can sign up for the trip, pay, and get information on it.

ISSMA Regionals at Evansville Central!

This Saturday we will have our first ISSMA contest where we need to be in the top 10 to advance. This year Regionals are at Evansville Central High School.  It is long drive, and we will stop somewhere on the way to let the kids out for restroom and stretch!  Also, lunch will be served by the amazing boosters and we will have rehearsal at school before we leave for Evansville.  There is a Momma Wells' Timekeeper that you can download and copy.  Please be aware that Evansville is an hour behind us and I have placed both Evansville and Ellettsville time on the time keeper.  I hope you are as proud of our Marching Mustangs as I am.  They have made amazing improvement in the past week and I know there is much much more for them and this show ahead of them!


Our Rehearsal Week for Fall Break

This week is Fall Break!!  Enjoy and relax!  But, we soon do need to come back and get ready for our last 3 weeks of the season.  This week you have all of Monday to Wednesday off.  We will meet again on Thursday.  Doors open at 4:30 and practice starts at 5:00!  We will then rehearse Friday from noon to six with break at 3:30-4:00.  Please come prepared to push our show!


Saturday we will travel to Greenwood and put on our first "full" performance of "E"magination! Momma Wells' Timekeeper has been updated and you will find it in the tab on the left hand side!



Schedule Changes...

Thursday:  9-15   No Practice

Friday:       9-16   3-7pm

Saturday:   9-17   11am arrive for Fall Festival Parade

                             Noon Fall Festival Parade

                             1pm  Arrive back to EHS 

                             3-7pm Rehearsal


Thursday:   9-22   7-9:30pm

                  Parents, due to parent teacher conference we have been asked to move the start time of our practice back to 7pm to accommodate all parents and teachers that are involved.  With that being said practice will be moved back that night to 7pm and will release PROMPTLY at 9:30.  This has been updated on our calendar.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but, with our staff, and homecoming festivities, there is no other time/place to have this.



This Week!

First off, Great Job this WEEKEND!  We took "E"magination out and everyone came off the field alive!  This week is a little hectic as far as schedule goes.  This week we have Brass and Woodwind split with brass on Monday and Woodwinds on Tuesday.  Guard  will be in on Monday and Percussion will be in Tuesday, with the Battery coming in on Monday to have their choreography session with Derek from 5-7.  Wednesday the hornline only will be in after school till 5pm on Wednesday for their choreography session.  Thursday will be OFF so that we can all go to the performances at Fall Festival and we will move that originally scheduled practice to Friday where all members will meet from 2:45-7.  I know that it sounds and looks hectic, if you have any questions please ask!