ISSMA Regionals at Evansville Central!

This Saturday we will have our first ISSMA contest where we need to be in the top 10 to advance. This year Regionals are at Evansville Central High School.  It is long drive, and we will stop somewhere on the way to let the kids out for restroom and stretch!  Also, lunch will be served by the amazing boosters and we will have rehearsal at school before we leave for Evansville.  There is a Momma Wells' Timekeeper that you can download and copy.  Please be aware that Evansville is an hour behind us and I have placed both Evansville and Ellettsville time on the time keeper.  I hope you are as proud of our Marching Mustangs as I am.  They have made amazing improvement in the past week and I know there is much much more for them and this show ahead of them!


Our Rehearsal Week for Fall Break

This week is Fall Break!!  Enjoy and relax!  But, we soon do need to come back and get ready for our last 3 weeks of the season.  This week you have all of Monday to Wednesday off.  We will meet again on Thursday.  Doors open at 4:30 and practice starts at 5:00!  We will then rehearse Friday from noon to six with break at 3:30-4:00.  Please come prepared to push our show!


Saturday we will travel to Greenwood and put on our first "full" performance of "E"magination! Momma Wells' Timekeeper has been updated and you will find it in the tab on the left hand side!



Schedule Changes...

Thursday:  9-15   No Practice

Friday:       9-16   3-7pm

Saturday:   9-17   11am arrive for Fall Festival Parade

                             Noon Fall Festival Parade

                             1pm  Arrive back to EHS 

                             3-7pm Rehearsal


Thursday:   9-22   7-9:30pm

                  Parents, due to parent teacher conference we have been asked to move the start time of our practice back to 7pm to accommodate all parents and teachers that are involved.  With that being said practice will be moved back that night to 7pm and will release PROMPTLY at 9:30.  This has been updated on our calendar.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but, with our staff, and homecoming festivities, there is no other time/place to have this.



This Week!

First off, Great Job this WEEKEND!  We took "E"magination out and everyone came off the field alive!  This week is a little hectic as far as schedule goes.  This week we have Brass and Woodwind split with brass on Monday and Woodwinds on Tuesday.  Guard  will be in on Monday and Percussion will be in Tuesday, with the Battery coming in on Monday to have their choreography session with Derek from 5-7.  Wednesday the hornline only will be in after school till 5pm on Wednesday for their choreography session.  Thursday will be OFF so that we can all go to the performances at Fall Festival and we will move that originally scheduled practice to Friday where all members will meet from 2:45-7.  I know that it sounds and looks hectic, if you have any questions please ask!

Momma Wells' Time Keeper

It's HERE!  The first time keeper of the 2016 season!!!  If you do not know what this or, or like me, have forgotten, Momma Wells' Time Keeper is the the itinerary for our weekend shows.  It will include all times and places for members, staff, and family to be.  Please keep in mind that dismissal times at home will vary.  I will try and guesstimate as best as possible, but, sometimes things do happen and we arrive home later than expected.  I will do my best to keep communication of the day spread through our Remind Texts.  I hope you are as excited to start this year as I am and if there are any questions about the Time Keeper please let me know.  You will be able to find it in the Forms/Itinerary link on the side of our webpage in this file yo will also find any information about the show that you will need including directions to the school we are performing at, I also will email this information out every week in case you can't get on our web page...So...Here is to Round 1!



Lafayette Jefferson Practice

On September 10, we will travel to Lafayette Jefferson High School to open our competition season.  This is a very special opportunity for us in many ways, of course it's the premier of "E"Magination and we have all waited for this day, but, it also works as a great opportunity to see some great competition!  We will travel to Lafayette Jeff early Saturday morning and have the opportunity to rehearse in their stadium!  This does several things for us, it gets us a high press box to be in, plus give the kids a chance to work on turf for the first time.  With that being said, practicing at their stadium will bring a few problems that we will have to overcome:

1.  FOOD!  The members will need to bring a sack lunch with them and SEVERAL energy snacks to eat throughout the day.  We will eat lunch on the trip up and need our snacks for rehearsal and for before our performance.  Dinner can be handled 1 of 2 ways.  Members can either bring their own dinner (Which is preferred so that they can eat healthy) or go and buy concessions from the Lafayette boosters (which is a great show of gratitude for letting us use their facilities) either way food and snacks need to be accounted for.

2.  WATER!  They will need to bring all items that they need for a normal rehearsal, section bags, snacks, equipment and WATER JUGS!  Water is the key here and they will need to bring their jug with them for the days festivities an we will bring them with us every contest!

These two things are vital for us to have a great day...please start planning in advance to make the best of the day.


Senior Night!

Seniors and wonderful parents of these seniors...This Friday, at the Mustang Corral we will be celebrating our Seniors and their work with the Marching Mustangs.  Arrival should be at 6:45 on the right side of the field, or the side with the concession stand.  Master of Ceremonies Mick Hammett will line you up and direct you from there.  7pm will start the festivities!  Later on in the band season we will have our own special recognition of our seniors for a band only extravaganza!

Our Own Toby Smith!

It is with great pride to announce that Toby Smith, former Edgewood Marching Mustang and now cymbal player with the Legends Drum and Bugle Corps from Kalamazoo Michigan earned a BRONZE medal Tuesday night in DCI's Open Class finals in Michigan City Indiana.  Toby graduated two years ago from Edgewood and is currently attending Indiana University.  The "E" family is very proud of all of his work and accomplishments this summer with Legends!

Toby Smith with the Legends Drum and Bugle Corps!

Toby Smith with the Legends Drum and Bugle Corps!



Day 1

Day 1 was put in the books with a full music performance of the intro of our show!  The kids all did amazing and found their way around Depauw's campus!  Even though there were massive storms and some amazing lightning the kids did AMAZING! 

Reminders for next week! week starts our great journey!  I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer so far!  I am sending this to remind you of a few things for next week, I will also post a list on our web page in case there are people that still have not been entered to our email server.


The schedule for Monday-Thursday will not vary much, unless, there are weather issues.  We try to have the kids outside in the morning so that we can get the bulk of our work done before the heat gets too bad and spend the remainder of the day inside working on music and or other things that we can get done while out of the sun.  Our schedule for these days looks like this:


8:50am     Arrive at EHS

9:00am     Practice starts on our field

noon         Lunch

12:45        Hornline in auditorium

2:00pm     Sectionals

4:00pm     Horns in auditorium

5:00pm     Dismiss

 If your student is in the percussion or guard this will change slightly, but, the block and lunch times will stay the same. We do have a closed campus for lunch, so if your student can drive, they will not be able to leave to go get lunch.  If you are dropping off lunch for your student, noon will be the best time!

Things that members will need for this week and weeks to come:

1.  WATER JUGS!!!!  Please make sure your student is arriving with one of these!  Water is a vital vital key to keeping everyone healthy and happy...this is what we are looking for...


2.  Healthy snacks!  Cliff Bars, nuts, fruits, granola bars these such items.  We will break in the middle of all our long blocks to let the kids have a snack/water break.  This helps them to work at a more efficient level, and it keeps them fueled...please no candy bars or high sugar treats.


3.  Tennis shoes

4.  White t shirts

5.  3-ring binder with plastic sheets

6.  Pencils

7.  Water

8.  Other items that the guard or percussion need

9.  Sunscreen


I am excited to get things started on Monday!  We should have a very special year ahead of us and have a show with a group of kids that could be amazing! You can help now by having your student start hydrating by drinking water on a regular basis these next few days, and have them start regulating their sleep, I am sure they are like me and 3am is bed time and 11am is wakey wakey.  Other than that, we will have our annual Band Camp meeting next Thursday in the auditorium at 6pm.  Please get on line and start filling out all the information sheets that need to be turned in so that that Thursday can go quickly and efficiently!  Thank you and I hope you are as excited for this year as I am!